My Solidarity with the Native Community

I am Native American and from the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute Nations. I volunteer with a Native nonprofit: Spirit of the Sun, routinely and I take climate chaos seriously.

My Motives and Intentions

I am a college student with a newborn baby and a dream to be a doctor. I have my own podcast "The Forgotten Realm". This store enables podcasters to be more eco-minded with quality equipment.

We Encourage Recycling Old Electronics!

Reliance on tech has become our culture, and electronics are how we generate passive income. I myself felt guilty buying equipment for my podcast. But with Eko Youth, I have ensured that any purchases made for my podcast go to a cause worthy of that purchase. Also, the deal is that with each electronic purchased, you must recycle your old electronics. If we can start a culture where electronics are made from recycled material, we can change the podcasting world entirely.